Entry Guidelines

Sanctioning Body: SVRA

1) Prior to registration, sign up for a free SVRA account.

2) Drivers must possess a valid racing license and current medical with SVRA, FIA, SCCA, IMSA,

NASA or club licenses from BMW, PCA or POC. Non-SVRA drivers must include copy of current competition license & medical with entry. Also, please submit proof of having completed two Vintage Motor Council races in the last two years (race results will be accepted as proof).

3) Entrants who do not hold a vintage racing license or who have not competed in a vintage event are required to participate in the SVRA Driver Orientation Program. (see DOP information on the SVRA website).

4) For assistance with licenses, contact Kathy Swinford – kathy@svra.com

LINK TO SVRA Racing Rules and Procedures


Tech Info and Log Books:

Car owners/drivers should review this SAMPLE SVRA TECH SHEET well in advance of the race weekend to be aware of items reviewed during tech. Cars must complete tech before entering the track on Friday.


Tech will be open during the Thursday test, and possibly on Wednesday. Log books are encouraged by SVRA to preserve the history of the vehicle, however it is not required. For cars with multiple log books, SVRA prefers that you present the most recently used log book.


Cars that appear to not have recently run an event (based on the submitted log book) are subjected to increased scrutiny during Technical Inspection. If you don’t have a log book, be aware that SVRA Log Books are only issued to a race car and its owner that is actively participating in SVRA events as an SVRA Licensed Driver and Member.

Kastner Cup 2020 Mid-Ohio Photo: Shawn Frank - North American Triumphs